About us: background and objectives

A working group, including several persons responsible for safety in French-speaking Swiss universities, was established in 1999, as an integral part of application of the CFST 6508 Policy in cantonal and federal administrations. In fact, the aim was to assess the number and scope of hazard sources in these entities, so as to prepare a solution concept per branch, which considered the specificities of these major administrative structures. For this occasion, the actions undertaken fostered contacts between the persons enforcing safety in universities, allowing for beneficial exchanges of information and experiences.

Once the preparation phase for the solution per branch was completed, the working group members decided to proceed with and regulate their exchanges by creating the CUSSTR (Commission Universitaire de Sécurité et Santé au travail Romande - French-speaking Swiss University commission for safety and health on the workplace). In fact, the aim was, via a non-formal commission, to: 

  • Foster contacts and information exchanges around common issues particular to