Health and Safety at Work Handbook

On the basis of the EKAS 6508 guideline, also known as the ASA guideline, for the implementation of these guidelines, all companies and administrative organisations including universities must introduce a management system for the protection of health and safety at work (H&S system) with a "Health and Safety at Work reference handbook". The implementation of the ASA guideline by an individual organisation can be carried out in the form of an individual solution; or by a group of organisations in the form of a collective solution. In this case the relevant description is of a sector solution, an operational group solution or a standard solution.

No sector solution exists as such for the universities, as they are subordinate to the sector solution for the cantonal and federal administrative bodies. The university hospitals have their own sector solution for the hospital sector. The ETHZ and EPFL have an individual solution.

The reference handbook concerning the sector solution of the cantonal and federal administrative bodies cannot really be applied on an equal level to the universities and their specific departments.

In order to support the universities in the implementation of their obligations in the area of health and safety, the so-called CUSSTR (the West Switzerland commission for health and safety at work) has adapted the "Health and Safety at work reference handbook" to the requirements of the higher educational and research institutions.


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