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On the basis of the EKAS 6508 guideline, also known as the ASA guideline, for the implementation of these guidelines, all companies and administrative organisations including universities must introduce a management system for the protection of health and safety at work (H&S system) with a "Health and Safety at Work reference handbook".


La CUSSTR a le plaisir de vous informer qu'il met dorénavant à disposition de hautes écoles et des universités une SOLUTION TYPE qui a été acceptée en décembre 2010 par la CFST (Commission Fédérale de Sécurité au Travail). Ce document permettra à ses futurs membres d'appliquer la directive MSST et ainsi de réduire les atteintes à la sécurité et santé dues au travail pour son personnel. Nous vous mettons à disposition un résumé de la SOLUTION TYPE CUSSTR et nous sommes à votre disposition pour toute demande d'explication en vue d'une adhésion éventuelle.


In 15 chapters, the CUSSTR suggests a wide range of regulations which have to be complied with to protect personnel, students, the general public and the environment. The situations described stretch from the working conditions to the specific dangers.
It is a policy document that has been approved by all the members of the CUSSTR.


This area covers documents that offer practical advice in view of prevention measures and emergency situations. It above all else concerns methods and procedures which offer solutions for a wide range of specific situations and which are published by the CUSSTR or made publicly available by its members.


This manual has the ambition to address the basic questions related to hazards encountered in the various activities in our scientific and technical environment and their safety answers.



Note to users

About the documents published by CUSSTR

The documents available result from reflections, personal and bibliographical research led by the CUSSTR's members with a view to appropriately support the needs of Universities, "Grandes Ecoles" and University Hospitals in French-speaking Switzerland.

Moreover, these documents partly address the Helvetian legal requirements in relation to safety and health on the workplace.

The authors insisted on stressing that, under no circumstances, their responsibility was committed, as it is true that the responsibility to set up the adequate measures to reduce health risks lies with the employer, as defined in the applicable Swiss legislation.
The documents made available by CUSSTR are not subject to any reserve regarding their reproduction, translation and adaptation; however, the CUSSTR's members will appreciate that, should these documents be partly or totally used, the source be mentioned.

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